Tuesday 29 May 2012
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Belgium: first conventional line equipped with ETCS

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On 2 March 2012, Line 36N between Brussels and Louvain (28 km section) became the first conventional railway line of the Belgian network to be equipped with ETCS (European Train Control System). On this occasion, the CEOs of Infrabel (Belgian rail infrastructure manager) and SNCB – Luc Lallemand and Marc Descheemaecker respectively – together with Belgian federal Minister of Public Enterprises Paul Magnette, and a large number of guests and media representatives, took part in the inaugural journey onboard a Desirio trainset equipped with ETCS.

Prior to this date, ETCS was in service on the high speed lines from Liège to the German border and from Antwerp to the Dutch border.

(Source: Connect, Infrabel)

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From left to right: Luc Lallemand, Paul Magnette and Marc Descheemaecker (© Gilles Parmentier)