Information published on 26 July 2012 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 303.

New edition of the UIC Communications Directory 2012 now available!

The UIC Communications Directory is considered by UIC members as a particularly useful tool for facilitating international cooperation and synergies between communications departments of member railways and with a number of cooperating partner organisations and associations. Its value has been demonstrated through the preparation of international communications campaigns as well as in crisis situations where it is urgent and important to reach the right partners in the railway communications or media departments. The 2012 edition of this Directory has just been published.

This handbook, in a very practical A5 pocket format, provides comprehensive information on the communications department of each member railway or partner organisation, and the names and contact details (for example the languages spoken, etc.) of the head of each function in the communications department:

- Director of Communications, Public Affairs,
- Head of Media Relations,
- Public Relations, Events,
- Publicity,
- Head of Image, Identity,
- Audiovisual, websites, etc.

The UIC Communications Directory 2012 can be obtained on request from the UIC Communications department: