Information published on 23 August 2012 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 305.

Japan: first hybrid shunting locomotive HD300 

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In February 2012, Japan Freight Railway Company (JRF) started to operate the first hybrid shunting locomotive HD300-1 delivered by Toshiba. The HD300 series is the first diesel-lithium ion battery hybrid locomotive in the world. The HD300 uses many of the latest technologies such as permanent magnet synchronous motors, made by Toshiba, and lithium ion batteries, made by GS-Yuasa.

Together with the prototype HD300-901 locomotive, JRF is operating two hybrid locomotives in Tokyo Freight Terminal Station. Another three locomotives are being manufactured and locomotives will be continuously manufactured over several years to replace all of JRF’s shunting locomotives.

The Class HD300 offers fuel savings of 36%, NOx emission reductions of 61% and noise level reductions of 22 dB.

(Source: JRF)