Information published on 23 August 2012 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 305.

Switzerland: SBB orders eight additional New Pendolino tilting trains for Gotthard route from 2015

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To improve traffic flow along the Gotthard route over the long-term, SBB has placed an order with Alstom – worth around 250 million Swiss francs – for eight additional New Pendolino ETR610 trainsets. These trainsets will be added to the existing fleet of seven trains already owned by SBB that operate on the lines between Geneva and Milan and Basel and Milan. SBB examined several options for replacing the current ETR470 trainsets on the Gotthard route, with the ETR610 finally being chosen for its reliability, comfort and for having already been certified to operate in international traffic. In 2015 the new trains will replace the first generation of Pendolino ETR470 trainsets, which will be taken out of service in late 2014.

(Source: SBB)