Thursday 8 November 2012
Rail Freight

Memorandum of Understanding signed between UIC and UIR in Tangier

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Mr Loubinoux, Director-General of UIC, and Mr Ricci, Chairman of the National Association of Italian Freight Villages (UIR), sign an MoU on cooperation during the 3rd Global Rail Freight Conference (GRFC) in Tangier.

After preparatory meetings held in Paris and Bologna designed to better calibrate the areas in which the two organisations were to cooperate, UIC through its Combined Transport Group and UIR agreed to structure their cooperation around the following topics:

  • Opportunities arising out of the development of global logistics
  • Strong growth of intermodal transport
  • Increasing need for environmentally-friendly transport solutions
  • Need for strengthening the link between transport stakeholders to offer the market adapted and innovative solutions
  • Organisation of freight corridors in Europe

At the heart of the initiative is the strong will of both organisations to jointly consolidate and develop intermodality in transport and logistics through promoting synergies between the key actors of the transport chain.

This train of thought was mirrored by the high-level debates during the two days of the GRFC Conference whereby rail freight corridors, training and strong integration of the transport chain were perceived to be the answers towards improving the attractiveness of rail as a transport mode.

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