Information published on 19 February 2013 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 333.

SIAFInternational 2013: Interactive Sessions on International Railway Business Register Now!

  • Expertise Development

Railway companies are developing at a very fast rate and the environment in which they operate today has become increasingly complex and competitive.

This development, imposed by new market regulations and strongly supported by national and international authorities, calls for specific adaptation on the part of railway companies.
Railway companies need competent, internationally-minded young managers who have a sharp awareness of the new context of the railway transport sector and its environment, extending beyond their areas of expertise, and who are able to identify the stakeholders involved.

Attending SIAFInternational is an opportunity to obtain a comprehensive overview of strategic issues for railways, to develop intercultural skills, obtain good practice in international cooperation through the team project learning experience, and forge a strong international network.
Both the important benchmarking opportunity within the railway industry that the programme offers and the active networking that fosters a truly global learning experience give us confidence in the value that this programme can bring to your organisation.

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