Tuesday 12 March 2013
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ALAMYS 7th International Congress on Fire Safety Engineering

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The 7th International Conference on Fire Safety Engineering “Performance Based Design”, which was held in Madrid on 20, 21 and 22 February 2013, concluded its seventh edition, at which 42 papers were presented, 20 of which were given by international speakers. It was attended by over 275 internationally-renowned industry specialists.

During the three days of the Congress, issues were discussed relating to Performance Based Design (PBD) as a key element for the development of Fire Protection Engineering (PCI) in different countries. Among the most important aspects presented were the latest technological breakthroughs in the modelling, design and implementation of Fire Safety strategies, developments in the relevant legislative and regulatory framework, and the development of vocational training in engineering internationally and in Spain.

The congress, which is held every two years and is organised by APICI, ALAMYS (non-profit institution representing underground mass transit systems from Latin American and Iberian Peninsula countries which signed a cooperation agreement with UIC on 12 December 2012), Mapfre Foundation and AFITI, has established itself as a forum for Fire Protection professionals from around the world, as well as a world benchmark in the development of fire protection engineering.

The following persons took part in the opening ceremony: Mr Filomeno Mira, President of ITSEMAP, Mr Aurelio Rojo, President of APICI and General Secretary of ALAMYS, Mr Tomás de la Rosa, Director General of AFITI, Mr Mariano Ventosa, Director of ICAI, Mr Manuel Rodriguez Arjona, Head of Control of Industrial Products at the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and Mr Jose Luis Posada, Head of Security and Accessibility at the Ministry of Development. Throughout the various sessions and the delivery of over 40 papers, insight was offered into the way performance-based design and the tools developed for its implementation are already being applied not only by fire protection engineers when designing new buildings and underground facilities, or tackling the protection of existing infrastructure, but also by response units, who consider the application of PBD to be very positive as long as it is present in the project from the beginning and appropriate levels are established to ensure proper implementation and maintenance of the designs.


ALAMYS was created in 1986 to facilitate the exchange of experience and technologies among member countries in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. ALAMYS aims to promote the relationships between its members based on both their technical specifications and geographical origin and the success of the Association is reflected in the growth of its membership numbers, now standing at 44 Principal Members (Operators in the field of Metropolitan Railways), 70 Affiliated Members (Suppliers of Equipment and Facilities, Construction Companies and Consultants), and 6 Honorary Members. The President legally represents the Association in its dealings with public and private agencies. Since April 2012, the President has been Mr Mário Fioratti, representing São Paulo Metro.

The General Secretariat acts as a coordinating body and a liaison between members, working with the different levels of the Association in order to support the execution of the association’s activities. The General Secretary of the Association is Mr Aurelio Rojo Garrido, who has been Secretary since February 2001.

For further information please visit www.alamys.org

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Congress Opening Ceremony, from left to right: Manuel Rodriguez Arjona (Min. of Industry), Mariano Ventosa (ICAI), Aurelio Rojo (APICI), Filomeno Mira (ITSEMAP), Jose Luis Posada (Min. of Development) and Tomás de la Rosa (AFITI) (© ALAMYS)
From left to right: María Teresa Estevan, Dean of the Professional Association of Industrial Engineers of Madrid and Aurelio Rojo, General Secretary of Alamys (© ALAMYS)