Tuesday 12 March 2013
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International Collaboration in Transportation Research Workshop (Paris, UIC Headquarters, 25 & 26 April 2013)

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The global transportation industry faces major challenges such as climate change, energy supply, safety and security of the citizen. There is a need for effective global S&T cooperation through harmonised and well organised collaborative activities, to achieve true innovation and efficient use of resources.

The HERMES project aims to develop a closer and more effective communication between researchers working in the field of transport technologies in the EU, and their counterparts around the world by facilitating the exchange of information and developing a framework for long term collaboration.
In this frame, the HERMES project is organising a one-and-a-half day workshop on “Enhancing International Collaboration in Transportation Research”, which will be held at the UIC Headquarters in Paris on 25 – 26 April 2013.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together industry, academia and research establishments as well as governmental bodies and other major players in transport research from around the world, to engage in round table discussions to address the obstacles and concerns that restrict closer international collaboration in transport R&D, and explore the policies and measures that should be in place to enable the creation of a truly international collaborative transportation research network.

To support the discussions, participants and/or researchers in international transportation issues are invited to complete the following questionnaire: http://s.chkmkt.com/?e=24466&h=C59C2183299470F&l=en

This workshop will be the opportunity for participants to:

  • Meet fellow researchers from around the world, discuss research interests and views on the future of transportation research and identify commonalities in research themes.
  • Have the opportunity to express their views on any shortcomings in current international research collaboration actions.
  • Identify obstacles to the development of cross-border collaborative research programmes and explore means to remove them.
  • Assist policy makers. It is imperative that the views of the research community which will engage in collaborative research are known, to help shape future policies for a truly international collaboration in transportation research.

Finally, this workshop will also be an opportunity for participants to attend the first presentation of a new common portal for accessing information from databases of past and ongoing research projects worldwide, in collaboration with database managers worldwide.

The conference will be addressed in speeches by:

  • Mr Alessandro DAMIANI, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation
  • Mr Steve GODWIN, Transportation Research Board, USA
  • Mr Toshiyasu ICHIOKA, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

As a partner of the HERMES project, the International Union of Railways (UIC) encourages the European and global rail research communities to support this initiative and invite their researchers to attend this event and to represent the best research and innovation interests of the rail sector.

In order to register, please visit the official webpage of the event:

For further information about the HERMES Project: www.hermes-project.net

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