Tuesday 12 March 2013
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Iran: Important project to transfer a 10 km rail line underground in the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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It is nearly 60 years since trains have been running along the Tehran-Tabriz route in the west of the capital. Long-term operation of trains through residential areas which often have high population density – causing air pollution, sound pollution, potential train collisions with pedestrians and cars, and many other reasons – are the motives for transferring the 10-km Tehran-Tabriz rail line underground.

First, the alternative route for the former Tehran to Tabriz rail line within Tehran’s city limits must be prepared. The current route is connected to the Southern railway bypass route and an individual single track project with a length of 36 km was completed. This project has also faced many difficulties from the very beginning including more than 200 urban terrains, continuous water penetration in the channels, landslides, worn out structures, old aqueducts, dangers of fuel pipes including gas and petrol, the need to replace highways and avenues and also water and high voltage (electricity) networks.
Very precise planning, benefiting from state-of-the-art technologies and engineering methods in tunnel digging, speed, precision and quality in implementation are required in an undertaking of this kind.

The 10 km route includes an 8 km tunnel and 2 km of entrance and exit slopes. After its completion, a piece of ground as large as 260,000 square metres will be available for Tehran urban space that undoubtedly will play an important role in the promotion of living standards in some regions of the Tehran metropolis which lie within the city limits.

This tunnel has the widest section in the Middle-East benefiting from modern air conditioning for one of the longest urban tunnels, modern transport control from advanced control rooms, updated electronic and signalling installations, fire-extinguishing facilities and preventive actions for all kinds of danger or accidents, considering all safety measures including emergency procedures.

Construction of this project has been accompanied by the creation of cultural and social venues, libraries, a garden museum, green belt, shopping malls and economic shopping gardens that enhance the image of the regions and the exuberance of the surrounding areas.

At present, 82% of the project has been completed and this important project will be finished by the third quarter of 2013 based on predictions.

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