Tuesday 4 June 2013
Railway Noise Reduction

Germany: noise-differentiated track access charging system enters into force

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The noise-differentiated track access charging system (TPS in German) is an instrument designed to significantly reduce the noise level generated by freight wagons,”

announced Dr Jörg Sandvoss, DB Netz AG Board Member for Sales and Timetabling.

The German railway company’s defined goal is to reduce noise levels by half between 2000 and 2020. The new noise-differentiated track access charging system will enable us to offer railway companies an added financial incentive to use low-noise brake systems…”

Michael Odenwald, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport, stated,

This is a significant new step to further protect our citizens against rail noise, in particular on the busy Rhine rail freight axis.”

More specifically, from 1 June 2013, the “TPS” system will require an extra charge of 1% to the standard track charge. Trains equipped with low-noise brake blocks will be exempt from this extra charge. To be eligible for this exemption, rail companies are required to provide proof of using low-noise brake systems.

Low-noise braking system technology could involve composite “K” or “LL” brake blocks. The homologation process of LL brake blocks is expected to be completed in June.

(Source: Deutsche Bahn-DB Netz)

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