Tuesday 4 June 2013

Wagon Keeper’s Entity in Charge of Maintenance Declaration

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From 1 June 2013, all the wagons circulating on the European rail network and in the OTIF area must be assigned to a certified Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM).

The link between the wagon number, wagon keeper and the ECM of the wagon remains a problem. It should be available via the National Vehicle Register (NVR).

Since these are not fully operational in all countries, UIC – with UIP and ERFA – have developed a new interim solution to bridge the gap.

In order to preserve legal compliance, the keeper self-declaration has been replaced by a “Keeper’s ECM declaration”. Under the auspices of GCU Joint Committee representatives, new “Guidelines for the Keeper’s ECM Declaration” have been developed. You can find enclosed the final version of these guidelines.

The three documents in the attached link are distributed to all members and published on our UIC website.


All keepers and keeper-RUs of the sector need to complete and return the two templates as soon as possible to the European Railway Agency (ERA) by email: keeper-ecm@era.europa.eu

For any further details please contact: schmitt@uic.org

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