Information published on 16 July 2013 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 356.

Germany: Deutsche Bahn invests 100 million euros to upgrade ICE 2 trains

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Around 100 million euros is being spent to revitalise the old interiors of 44 ICE 2 high speed trains to match the rest of the ICE fleet.

Each train takes five weeks to overhaul and number 44 is expected to be completed in August.
The new interiors will give first class passengers extra legroom and more significantly add an extra 13 seats to each car. There will also be increased luggage space and additional passenger information screens.

The ICE 2 overhaul began in 2011 and followed the modernisation of Deutsche Bahn’s 59 ICE 1 trains.

There are already plans to start work on the first of 64 ICE 3 trains in 2016.