Tuesday 6 August 2013
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InterRail: exploring Europe by train is more fun with free roaming

SIM card giveaway for 2,500 InterRail Global Pass holders

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During this year’s summer season, InterRailers are being offered a very special promotion that enhances the travel experience in Europe by train to the maximum.

Since July 22, InterRail Global Pass holders are invited to claim their free international roaming package on http://www.interrail-roaming.eu. The main requirement is having a valid InterRail Global Pass and being quick. 2,500 InterRail Roaming packages will be given out: first come, first served.

The InterRail Roaming package consists of a pre-paid +44-SIM Card providing free incoming calls and 180 minutes of free Wifi at selected Premium Hotspots. Additionally, our customers can use their pre-paid credit to freely combine up to 60 minutes of international calls, 200 text messages or up to 40 MB of free data.

The newly established InterRail Management considers the free SIM Cards as an ideal benefit for InterRailers who are mostly young and travelling on a limited budget. “With InterRail Roaming our customers can forget about high telephone bills waiting for them at home. They can simply enjoy travelling and use their phones to browse the internet for travel planning, call friends or family and use Social Media to share their travel experience”, explains Silvia Görlach, Marketing & Sales Manager of InterRail.

The international InterRail pass, designed to allow young people to explore Europe by train, was launched to mark the 50th anniversary of UIC in 1972.

The InterRail Global Pass gives its holder the opportunity to travel around 30 European countries by train. In addition, a variety of attractive discounts and special offers from InterRail partners are provided. The InterRail Global Pass is available as a Flexi or Continuous Pass. Flexi Passes allow the holder to travel on a certain number of days within a fixed period, while the Continuous Pass is valid every day of its duration.

Campaign website: http://www.interrail-roaming.eu

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