Tuesday 3 September 2013
Railway Safety

Publications on level crossing safety

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The European Railway Review published a Supplement on Level Crossing Safety in August dealing with:

Improving on improvements – Network Rail has spent the last two years developing and implementing a huge business change programme for level crossing safety improvement. With the aim of Network Rail’s CEO to reduce risk by 25% by March 2014 in return for a company investment of over £130 million, Martin Gallagher, Head of Level Crossings at Network Rail who leads the project, highlights for European Railway Review readers the results the infrastructure owner has already achieved through various action plans…

Reducing fatalities – a high priority for Lithuanian Railways. Although Lithuanian Railways have achieved excellent results in improving safety at level crossings, they still constitute a major safety concern. Compared with the annual number of fatalities in road accidents in Lithuania, fatalities at level crossings amount to just 1%. Despite this low figure, safety at level crossings remains a high priority for Lithuanian Railways…

Reducing fatalities – a worldwide issue – Isabelle Fonverne, Safety and Interoperability Projects Officer, UIC.
The train is the safest mode of land transport but the interface between road and rail is very risky. According to the European Railway Agency (ERA), in recent years one person has been killed and close to one seriously injured every day (on average) at level crossings in the EU…

For further information please contact: fonverne@uic.org and read the digital version of Issue 4 2013:


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