Tuesday 3 September 2013
Data Modelling

Rail Topo Model and railML® (Paris, 17 September 2013)

The foundation for a Universal Infrastructure Data Exchange Format

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There is a growing consensus within the railway community on the need to initiate standards/best practice for railway infrastructure data modelling and exchange, available in open formats.

Railways need to exchange network data increasingly often to meet both legal obligations and normal business needs. The current stand-alone/one-off solutions make this data exchange extremely inefficient and expensive.

The combined experience of European Infrastructure Managers and Industry partners now creates the possibility to model a standardised representation of the railway topology and to provide the basis of an open, scalable and extendable data exchange format. These international standards would be available for railway sector, but wouldn’t prevent the employ of usual/national formats.

This UIC conference is organised with the contribution of several Infrastructure Managers, ERA and railML Consortium (www.railml.org) to propose a target and road map to design, build and deploy the common solution for data exchange. A small feasibility study (conducted by UIC ERIM activity) underpins the proposed approach. The Infrastructure Managers, Railway Undertakings, National and European Authorities, Manufacturers, Industrial partners and IT industry are welcome to participate and give their feedback.

The conference agenda and abstract are available here for download:


Registration directly to nissi@uic.org by 14 September.

The annual railML conference is hosted by UIC the next day, 18 September.
For registration and more information


For further information please contact Erika Nissi: nissi@uic.org

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Example of topological data model with different aggregation levels (Source: Infrabel)