Information published on 12 November 2013 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 373.

The 20th edition of CineRail, the international railway film festival, was a success

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More than 220 guests attended the Award Ceremony and 20th Anniversary Year reception given at the invitation of UIC Chairman Vladimir Yakunin and JSC Russian Railways RZD

The 20th Edition’s CineRail Grand Prix was awarded to the German film “Zugperlen”, and the Golden CineRail of Corporate Communications to “La Vie des Gens” produced for SNCF

The 20th edition of CineRail, the international “Train & Cinema” festival, was successfully celebrated in Paris on 5-8 November 2013.
This unique international event dedicated to the theme of railways in cinema and in all kinds of audiovisual productions, is aimed at presenting the latest productions from all over the world to the general public and to professionals representing the movie and communications world. Through its 20 editions, starting in the early 90s, Cinerail has continued to build on its reputation, becoming a reference for quality film productions dedicated to the rail world across all the continents.

The corporate film presentations, the 20th CineRail awards ceremony as well as the reception given for the 20th CineRail anniversary were held at UIC, at the kind invitation of the President of JSC Russian Railways and UIC Chairman Vladimir Yakunin, and Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of UIC. The awards ceremony and the cocktail reception that followed, given by RZD, attracted more than 220 guests from a large variety of countries and professional fields. Among the guests, some represented delegations of foreign railways in France, responsible for communications or audiovisual services in railway and public transport companies or rail supply industries, but a majority were from the movie world, cinema and TV producers, directors, authors, photographers (among them the famous Russian photographer Anton Lange who was sponsored by Russian railways to produce photos on the theme “Russia seen out of the train window”). Guests enjoyed the friendly atmosphere created in the UIC headquarters with traditional Russian cocktails and music, etc.

Russian Railways President Vladimir Yakunin was personally represented at the CineRail awards ceremony and cocktail reception by the Vice President of Russian Railways Anatoly Mescheryakov who addressed the guests and professionals by highlighting the close link existing between railways and cinema – “because the railway is not only a mean of transport, but is life!... like scenes shown in the cinema”- and describing the social and cultural role of railways.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of UIC, also underlined the importance of the human and social function of railways, linking people, territories and countries, seeing them too as a hyphen, a “train d’union” with future generations. CineRail could be seen as a “trait d’union”, creating more links between the public and the railways.

At the awards ceremony, the CineRail Grand Prix of the 20th Edition was attributed to the German film “Zugperlen” (author and producer: Gregor Eppinger).

In the category of Corporate Communications films, the golden CineRail for Corporate Communications went to the film “La Vie des Gens” (The People’s Life) produced for the Communications Department of SNCF. The Special Prize of the Jury (for Corporate Communications) was awarded to “La Gare au Coeur de la Mobilité” (the Railway Station at the Heart of Mobility), produced for Belgian railways SNCB-Holding.
The “Coup de Coeur du Jury” was attributed to the film “Correspondance” produced for RATP.

More information about the celebration of the 20th edition of CineRail to come in the next edition of ‘UIC e-news’.

For more information please contact: Paul Véron, UIC Director of Communications, CineRail Vice Chairman,