Tuesday 10 December 2013

Training seminar successfully held at TCDD Headquarters

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The training seminar was organised from 27 – 28 November 2013 in Ankara following the invitation by Turkish Railways (TCDD). The participants were composed of members of the Foreign Relations Department and translators. This team will combine their efforts to translate RailLexic (UIC’s railway terminology database) into Turkish. Therefore, Turkish might well become the 23rd language in the next edition of RailLexic which comprises 22 languages at present.

The objective of the seminar was to demonstrate the use of the new web-based tool destined for the input of terms. The first part of the seminar allowed participants to get a detailed overview of all the functionalities and features of the on-line interface. Further presentations allowed the attendees to gain insight into the different ways of organising the translation process and best practices in the field. The second part consisted of a hands-on workshop for the participants where lively discussions took place among participants.

This tool, exclusively designed for the Terminology Group members, is a big step forward in terminology cooperation since any changes and new terms can be seen in real time. TCDD representatives present at the meeting welcomed the new tool which will make it easier to coordinate the translation, updating and revision of Turkish railway terminology in RailLexic. They were very eager to put the new tool to use and to participate in the next Terminology Group Meeting in 2014.

For further information please contact Rosalinde Taucher: taucher@uic.org or go to http://www.uic.org/terminology

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From left to right: Aşır Kiliçaslan, TCDD Deputy Head of Foreign Relations Department, Rosalinde Taucher, UIC and İbrahim Halil Çevik, TCDD Head of Foreign Relations Department