Tuesday 10 December 2013
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Vladimir Yakunin addresses participants at the International Youth Forum “New Paradigm of Education: European Dialogue”

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At the end of November the President of Russian Railways (RZD) Vladimir Yakunin took part in the International Youth Forum “New Paradigm of Education: European Dialogue”, held in Paris.

Vladimir Yakunin presented his vision of education today and highlighted the important role of youth in its development and modernisation. He also shared with participants RZD’s experience in creating an educational chain – from kindergarten to university and entry into the world of work within the company itself.

RZD is the founder of 283 private educational establishments for children, owned by the railways.

In addition, RZD collaborates with top universities in Russia and around the world. The company offers the largest number of specialist training schemes in Russia. Thus, running in parallel within the company is a system providing a corporate education in economics and management, whose main feature is the corporate university of RZD, created with the aim of improving the management of the group’s executive staff. Since 2010, over 9,500 executives have been through this education system at various levels.

In collaboration with its partners, the company is launching a whole series of international educational initiatives. Among these it is worth mentioning the teaching programmes for potential employees of RDZ in the shape of MBAs (Master of Business Administration), EMBAs (Executive Master of Business Administration) and business schools.

(Source: RZD)

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