Information published on 21 January 2014 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 382.

Switzerland: Safety and cleanliness in stations

SBB introduces 24 hour customer service hotline

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SBB is doing its utmost to ensure that its customers find railway stations safe and clean and an environment in which they feel at ease. To this end, the company has introduced a 24 hour service hotline from 1 January 2014 to enable customers to provide feedback regarding dirt, defects and damage in stations.

Customers should feel at ease in railway stations when travelling, just as they do at home. If not, it is now possible from January 2014 to provide direct feedback regarding dirt, defects, graffiti and vandalism in railway stations by calling the customer hotline on 0800 864 383. Customers can also report their concerns via SMS or MMS (with or without photos) or by completing an online form available at The feedback is sent to a professional call centre which is answerable to the Passenger Operating Unit, before being forwarded to the relevant section to be addressed. SBB is investing 300,000 Swiss francs a year in this initiative.

The new customer hotline is being introduced on a step-by-step basis from 1 January 2014. Stickers with these contact details will be displayed at 434 stops and small stations – that is 57% of SBB stations in Switzerland. The introduction of the hotline in other stations from autumn 2014 is currently being considered.

This state-of-the-art concept marks the beginning of SBB’s ongoing development of services in stations for its customers. Thanks to a boost in its consumer- and service-driven approach, SBB intends to cater more closely to the needs of its customers.

For further details on this service provided in stations, please visit

End of programme to upgrade design of on-train toilets

Since early February 2013, SBB has displayed stickers in over 700 toilets in Duplex and ICN trainsets and installed air fresheners to neutralise odours. Customer satisfaction regarding toilets on trains has increased by 16%. The availability of toilets on trains meets SBB’s expectations. On average, toilet availability on mainline and regional trains is 96%. SBB is working to improve the quality: toilets on regional trains are been fitted with air fresheners. In a trial organised in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, passengers can inform SBB when toilets are unavailable via QR code or SMS.

(Source: CFF)