Information published on 30 April 2014 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 397 - Asia-Pacific.

FOREWORD by UIC Asia-Pacific Chairman Satoshi Seino

  • Asia Pacific

I am sincerely delighted to feature the overview and activities of the UIC Asia-Pacific Region in this issue of UIC eNews.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce the policy of the UIC Asia-Pacific Region.
The Asia-Pacific Region covers a huge area and each member has different needs. In having such variety and complexity, first of all, it is necessary and a high priority matter for us as the railway world to set the “place or chance itself” so that all members can meet together to support the sustainable development of economy and society in the most rapidly growing region of the world. The regional members are eager to have a “place or chance itself” to share their problems and worries among the members. I consider it an important role that UIC should accomplish. Therefore the Region is organising its Regional Assembly meetings together with the workshops on the topics in which regional members have great interest in order to facilitate more members and potential members to join every Regional Assembly meeting, for which there is a very precious opportunity twice a year.

There is no doubt that railways will have more and more expectations and needs in this rapidly growing region. To meet these expectations and needs, we have to raise the level of all the railways in the Region. That is why our Region, the place to network with railways in Asia-Pacific countries, values its friendly atmosphere to welcome anyone and is working on universal and fundamental issues over which all the members are commonly troubled.

UIC Asia-Pacific Region is launching the “PRIZE FOR BEST RAILWAY PICTURE IN ASIA-PACIFIC” to boost our activities and mood in the Region.

Please vote for your best picture among the nominated pictures below under the Header “Photo Gallery and Photo Contest”.

The prize awarding ceremony will take place at the next UIC Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly in Taipei on 13 May. Please cast your vote which will be highly encouraging for our Region.

It is my sincerest pleasure if you enjoy reading and increasing your understanding and interest in our Region and railways there.