Information published on 30 April 2014 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 397 - Asia-Pacific.

Presentation of NRA (China)

In 2013, the Chinese Government took an important decision regarding institutional reform in the railway sector for the long-term development of the railway industry, based on China’s general situation.

The National Railway Administration and China Railway Corporation were established to separate administrative affairs from business affairs in the railway industry. The National Railway Administration is responsible for the research on railway policy, development plan, institutional reform and other administrative affairs of the former Ministry of Railways, and is in charge of the establishment of railway technical standards, supervision of railway safety, operation quality and construction quality.

Following the separation, the supervisory responsibilities of NRA cover many areas, including transport, construction and equipment manufacture. NRA is also responsible for establishing the standards of the Chinese railway industry, as well as intergovernmental railway cooperation. With its development, NRA will make a larger contribution to the world’s railway industry, and will be more involved the standardisation process.

NRA is willing to play an important role, and take UIC as a platform to exchange experience and cooperate with all railways in the world, to achieve joint development.