Tuesday 3 June 2014
Expertise Development

Meeting of the Expertise Development Platform, SNCF Training Facilities (Paris, 13 – 14 May 2014)

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The first yearly meeting of the UIC Expertise Development Platform (EDP) which took place at SNCF training facilities in France on 13 and 14 May 2014, brought together training executives/representatives from 15 different rail training centres/institutions and transport universities.

One part of the meeting was dedicated to progress of work for the activities at the focus of the Expertise Development Platform for the next two years and beyond:

  1. Trainer development
  2. Benchmarking customer service training
  3. Preparation of the Third UIC World Congress on Rail Training which will be organised at IST (Instituto Superiore Tecnico) in Lisbon, Portugal from 15 – 17 April 2015. The Congress will be organised in partnership with CP, REFER, Fertagus and IST. Information about submission of abstracts (deadline: 15 September) and guidelines for sponsorship are available at the following address: http://www.uic.org/spip.php?rubrique2193&var_mode=calcul
  4. TALENT project. Results of the open stakeholder survey which was conducted in order to identify needs and expectations of the railway community as regards the Global Network of Railway Talents were presented. Analysis of the results led to the specifications of the TALENT on-line platform, which should be available by the end of June (at www.railtalent.org)

Another important purpose of the EDP meetings for the attendees is to share rail training features and developments across the industry, as well as to get up-to-date information with current international developments regarding the rail sector.
Part of the meeting was dedicated to presentations of SNCF training centres (Université du Service – UDS, Université de l’Ingénierie – UDI and Centre National de Formation Infrastructure - CNFI) and its activities.

The meeting was the opportunity for the attendees to exchange experiences, ideas and good practices around topics dedicated to Initial railway training in the participating countries, Training innovations and Customer service training.
Some time was also devoted to a round table update on the current situation at participating training centres.

As regards current international developments regarding the rail sector,
presentations were given by ERA (European Railway Agency) on the European Train Driver Licence evaluation report 2013), as well as by UIC (latest Rail worldwide developments, including main developments in the Expertise Development Activity).

The next meeting of the Platform is scheduled to be held from 13 – 14 November 2014, at NS and Railinfra Opleidingen training facilities, Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

For further information on the activity, please consult:

For further information please contact Nathalie Amirault, Head of Expertise Development Unit: amirault@uic.org

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Discussing initial railway training in the participating organisations
The group in front of SNCF Infrastructure National Training Centre. In the back row, second from left, Mr Alexander Netolicky, Chairman of the Expertise Development Platform