Information published on 1 July 2014 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 406.

Young talents of JSC Russian Railways struggled for a chance to participate in the company’s international projects – 2014/2015

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Over 700 young employees of JSC Russian Railways applied to participate in “YOUNG TALENTS” international programme of the company but only 89 candidates made it to the final stage of the competition that was held this June in Moscow.

Throughout the event, high-potential young managers and specialists of the holding were evaluated for their communication, leadership and language skills as well as for proactivity, self presentation and many other indicators. The final selection event gave the contenders a great opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, skills and discover new horizons for personal and professional development within Russian Railways.
According to Mr Anton Lukashenkov, First Deputy Head of the International Cooperation Department at JSC Russian Railways, who attended the event and met its participants, the number of the company’s international projects constantly increases, so does their complexity and comprehensiveness.

“At early stages the projects have been implemented by relatively small workgroups, but today they involve entire units of the company and affect all areas: strategy and finance, engineering and technology and, of course, construction complex. In other words, these projects are of larger scale and complexity”, – said Anton Lukashenkov.
The programme of the event was very rich for various formats: workshops, seminars, business games, panel discussions, presentations, sum-up sessions, lectures and many others. All of them were attended by authoritative experts.

The lecturers were top-managers of various departments of JSC Russian Railways, as well as independent experts and coaches. UIC Director General, Mr Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, sent a welcome address to the participants of the “YOUNG TALENTS” programme. Great interest among the contenders was provoked by the lectures of Mr Sergey Starykh, Deputy Head of the Economic Outlook and Strategic Development Department at JSC Russian Railways, and Mr Oleg Nikolaev, International Railway Advisor for Russian and CIS affairs within the UIC Rail System Department. Young railway specialists discussed key strategic directions for Russian Railways holding and learned more about the International Union of Railways and its activities. A lecture given by the famous Russian linguist Mr Maxim Krongauz was devoted to modern language trends and the demand not only to learn foreign languages, but also to take care of the mother tongue.

In order to represent JSC Russian Railways at the international arena most successfully, there are certain skills to be obtained. That is why particular attention at the event was paid to the development of corporate culture and acquaintance with business etiquette and international protocol. Young railway specialists were trained by His Excellency Mr Pavel Lyadov, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador, and the best Russian specialists and consultants in these fields.

By the end of the “YOUNG TALENTS” event, participants were full of new knowledge and professional plans for the future. On the final day young professionals shared their impressions and thoughts with Mr Anton Nagralyan, Head of Human Recourses Department at JSC Russian Railways, who summed up the results of these few days.
The final selection stage is now behind. The names of those who will take part in various international programmes in 2014 – 2015 will soon be revealed.

Apart from that, the most promising participants will be invited to the international section of the VIII Annual Youth Meeting of JSC Russian Railways that will be held this September.

The welcome address to the participants of the “YOUNG TALENTS” programme pronounced by UIC Director general Jean-Pierre Loubinoux is available here:

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