Tuesday 15 July 2014

Memorandum of Understanding allowing UZ to be a member of the MERITS-PRIFIS community

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In July 2014, Boris Ostapyuk, General Director of UZ, Ukrainian Railways, signed the Memorandum of Understanding which allows UZ to become a MERITS-PRIFIS member.

Merits is the UIC central timetable database with all train data and all station data within wider Europe, including Russia and Turkey. Prifis is also a UIC central database which contains all tariffs and fares for Non Integrated Reservation Tickets (NRT) and Integrated Reservation Tickets (IRT).

All these databases are shared between all the members of the Merits-Prifis community in order to fill their own journey planners with the aim of giving timetable/fare information and/or selling tickets in another country.These data are also used to provide information in some specialised APPs.

For further information please contact Marc Guigon: guigon@uic.org

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