Tuesday 15 July 2014
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UIC launches a Railway Global Executive MBA

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“Get your goals off the ground”

In the framework of the UIC’s strategy dealing with the Talent and Educational issue, the project of setting up a Railway Global Executive MBA and a “Railway Academy” with the support of a network of leading partner business schools and universities worldwide was presented and supported by UIC members present in Portorož, Slovenia, during the latest UIC General Assembly on 27 June.

This Executive MBA, hosted by the Business School EM Lyon, is particularly aimed to attract external high potential talents to the railway sector and to develop entrepreneurial spirit and strategic leadership competencies with action learning experiences dedicated to the railway sector. This Executive MBA is not only designed to attract young people thrust into world of the railways but also to train those who are already in the sector – particularly with a minimum of 10 years’ experience – in order to help them develop their managerial skills following the changes that the sector has undergone in a number of countries, and to deal with competition.

A first-of-its-kind initiative strongly supported by UIC Chairman

UIC Chairman, Vladimir Yakunin, who supports strongly this initiative, says: “UIC’s growth is not limited to the geographic extension with regular admission of new members joining UIC from all regions. The scope of international projects addressed by UIC for the benefit of the entire railway family is also continuously extending. UIC has rapidly increased its credibility and leadership for coordinating international projects relating to so-called “Fundamental Values” such as Training and Expertise Development. I am very confident and supportive of the work currently carried out by UIC to create a prestigious MBA in Rail, define adequate training and educational strategies and programmes for all six UIC Regions, and reward young talents through the UIC Research & Innovation Awards. Transmission and education being issues that are close to my heart and which found a new resonance in the establishment of this MBA, the first one worldwide completely dedicated to the rail issue, I would be honoured to accompany its implementation, and to welcome the first graduates to our railway family.”

A project coordinated by UIC and open to UIC Members: feel free to encourage one of your Managers to participate!

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, thinks that “now is the time when members need to commit to UIC in order to make this Executive MBA a success; it is up to them to send a high number of participants.” He added: “The programme as a whole is called “UIC Railway Academy” and successful completion of the highest level leads to a qualification that is a recognised MBA degree. Of course, the success of this programme is contingent on attracting a minimum number of participants. It is anticipated that training modules will commence at the start of 2015, meaning that UIC members have the second half of 2014 during which to select candidates.”

Global Challenges, Local impact, Shared Solutions

Railways need strong managers and leaders able to act with determination, collaborate across functions as well as cultures, and bring new technologies to life to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency and safety. Continued policy changes require increased political agility and ability to adapt on the fly.

Objectives of the MBA

The MBA has several objectives:

Develop the skills needed to lead rail into the future

  • A critical understanding of the rail sector and the policy and managerial innovations underway
  • Ability to engage people in critical change to improve efficiency and safety
  • Work with and influence key stakeholders and be attuned to the ebb and flow of critical policy changes
  • Develop critical team leadership and people development skills to advance yourself and others
  • Identify and seize opportunities to enhance competitiveness and customer satisfaction

A sustainable investment in human capital

  • Earn an internationally recognised degree
  • Benefit from international expertise from leading academic institutions
  • Join a blended programme built to balance professional and personal life
  • Build your global network

The MBA at a glance

Duration: 19 months


  • 3 week-long face-to-face regional residency periods (regional hub)
  • 2 week-long face-to-face global community events
  • 18 months of distance based courses
  • 3 industry specific team projects (action learning projects)

Public: Managers, senior managers involved in strategy execution

Admission: Managers with a minimum of 6 years of work experience; advanced professional English proficiency

For further information please contact Laetitia Granger, UIC Fundamental Values Department: granger@uic.org

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