Tuesday 17 February 2015
ERTMS / World Conference

12th UIC ERTMS World Conference to be held from 29 February – 2 March 2016 in Brussels

“ERTMS – Managing long-term safety investment in a rapidly changing world”

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UIC, the International Union of Railways, together with INFRABEL, are organising the 12th UIC ERTMS World Conference in Brussels.

On the basis of a number of proposals submitted by the various partners, a general agreement was reached during the last Advisory Committee meeting between the participants, including the conference’s host railway INFRABEL, with regard to the slogan that will be:
“ERTMS – Managing long term safety investment in a rapidly changing world”

On the basis of the various proposals communicated by INFRABEL, UIC, UNIFE, ERTMS Users’ Group and GSM-R Group and following extensive discussions during the meeting, the Advisory Committee unanimously approved the six main topics to be addressed during the sessions as well as the composition of the Opening and Closing sessions.

The technical visit, organised by the host of the conference INFRABEL, will take place on 29 February 2016.
The main structure of the conference for 1 and 2 March 2016 will be as follows:

Opening Session

SESSION 1: Long term and future vision safety
(IT/cyber security)

SESSION 2: Migration
(Interoperability, interference, efficiency, national, best practices)

SESSION 3: Global challenges
(ERTMS outside Europe, new environments, new lines, technology changes)

SESSION 4: Financing + asset management
(Business cases, return on investment, optimizing)

SESSION 5: Operation
(Training/Traffic Management/ maintenance, cyber security)

SESSION 6: Evolution
(Innovation, IP Radio/GSMR/public, Satellite, ATO Automatic Train Operation, ERTMS L3, application levels of ERTMS, L1LS Level 1 – Limited Supervision, a special operation mode (LS) usable in the application level 1 of ERTMS)

Closing Session

The Advisory Committee meeting of the 12th UIC ERTMS World Conference was held on 20 January at UIC Headquarters in Paris. It was chaired by Mr Marc Antoni, recently appointed new Director of the UIC Rail System Department, who took over the chairmanship from Mr Hans-Günther Kersten, appointed Director of the UIC Freight Department.
During the 2016 ERTMS World Conference, the railways and supply industry will come together to showcase the latest achievements of ERTMS and prove their commitment to further development and progress. The technical exhibition will convincingly demonstrate the supply potential and the application of leading technologies within the ERTMS concept.

More information to follow soon regarding the exhibition and sponsoring possibilities

For further information please contact Mr Marc Antoni, UIC Rail System Director: antoni@uic.org or
Barbara Mouchel, Communications Advisor for UIC Major Events: mouchel@uic.org

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