Information published on 17 February 2015 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 436.

OSJD meeting (Moscow, 3 – 5 February 2015)

  • Cooperation
  • Standardisation

The UIC standardisation team participated in the 5th OSJD Commission meetings which took place from 3 – 5 February 2015 in Moscow to discuss the development of UIC-OSJD cooperation on IRS 1520.

Experts and representatives of the railways of Russia, Belarus, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, as well as UIC, agreed on a number of important documents which are to be presented for approval at the next Conference of OSJD General Directors from 23 – 24 April 2015 in Prague.

- IRS 1501 draft including corrections from GOST 9238-2013,
- Explanatory Note about IRS 1501 draft,
- Analytical Information on the KDG agenda’s item “Development of IRS on the basis of joint UIC-OSJD leaflets according to an example of the IRS 1501 draft”,
- List of UIC-OSJD leaflets which are the first priority for the development of IRS in 2015:

(1) OSJD/UIC 500/506 “General rules for interoperable rolling stock gauges (without unloading freight or disembarking passengers) in cross-border traffic between UIC and OSJD RUs” and GOST 9238-2013 “Rolling Stock and Infrastructure Gauge”
(2) OSJD 524/UIC 508-3 “Passenger coaches - General requirements for running gear with dual gauge wheel sets for railways with 1 435 mm and 1 520 mm gauges”
(3) OSJD 535/UIC 535-2 “Standardisation and positioning on wagons of steps, end platforms, gangways, handrails, tow hooks, automatic coupler (AC), automatic draw-on coupling and brake valve controls on the UIC member RUs and OSJD member RUs”

This technical meeting is a very important step forward in the progress of UIC-OSJD cooperation on IRS 1520.