Tuesday 24 March 2015

Innovation Awareness Day

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With an aim to be at the forefront of new technologies to serve members and the international railway community, UIC organised a day of immersion in the fields of open data, open source and crowdfunding.

These innovative approaches can clearly be the source of creativity, international expertise and additional means of financing for our activities and projects.
Several possibilities could be considered to help develop innovative action within UIC.

Some feedback from the awareness day:

““The day highlighted the need to constantly move forward and share ideas; to learn to work together and not in parallel.”

“The younger generation has a lot to learn, but equally a lot to show us.”

“A valuable experience for our team in terms of innovation, enabling us to think outside the box. We have a lot to learn on the subject of open data!”

“This day showed us that the digital world can help us to apply simple solutions for everyone. Open Innovation is an opportunity and we have to see how best to implement it in the world of railway cooperation.”

“A day spent brainstorming, inspiring creativity, and learning to think in an innovative and positive way with passionate and multidisciplinary teams.”

“Immersion in a little-known yet open world, with new practices and the chance to view projects in another light.”

“The ability to imagine
Carry out
Take a chance
Reinvent ourselves whilst staying true to ourselves
Serving our Members
Is the key”

“The message was clear and we came out ready to adapt to the world of open innovation, a key material with which to build our future.”

“This day was like a breath of fresh air, a feeling of freshness and novelty, with a great deal of hope. I see a possibility for UIC and its staff to open up, advance, become more professional and project a more modern and pragmatic image.”

“Useful”, “Effective”, and “Exciting” are three adjectives that sometimes need to be reconciled, especially when working in a corporate environment. We all know that it is not impossible; we were shown that it is not unlikely.”

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