Information published on 19 May 2015 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 449.

Meeting N° 8 Part 2 of the Universal Rail Ticketing (URT) Working Group

5 – 7 May 2015, Moscow

  • Passenger

Organised jointly by the two chairmen of the UIC Ticketing TAG and TAP-NT groups, Kurt De Vriendt and David Sarfatti, the workshop benefited from the participation of Marc Guigon and Fabrice Setta, Senior Advisors at UIC, as well as Clemens Gantert, UIC TAP-MD Chairman. Representing JSC Railway Research Institute (JSC VNIIZHT) were the host, Mr Mikhail Berezka, VNIIZHT IT Director, Mrs Helena Kolesnikova, International Sales Director, Mrs Irina Saltykova, International Distribution, all RZD-JSC Representatives of UIC Passenger Groups and Mrs Galina Makarova, Interpreter.

JSC VNIIZHT presented their distribution system Express3 and their online ticketing system with mobile booking possibilities.
Express3 is composed of 16 different mainframe computers in 16 different cities all over the Russian Federation. Trains are stored in each seat allocating system depending on its origin.
For Sapsan train tickets between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, the JSC Mobile phone App, Trip and Buy, is available for iPhone and Android. Ticketless journeys are available for registered customers only. Buy and refund is possible one hour before train departure. The customer does not need to print anything.
Tests are in progress for the NRT paperless ticket and NFC ticketing possibilities.

The team then continued work on URT technical definition.
The first part of the results of the URT working group in 2014 was the rail ticketing processes functional description. URT for the most part describes the mobile App ticketing processes and their interactions with classic CIT paper and print@home rail tickets.
The second part of the URT work in 2015 is the technical description and the messaging composition. Using XML Spy and Enterprise Architect the group defines in detail each message to be exchanged in the processes sequence diagrams defined in Part 1.
For UIC barcode decryption, the UIC Public Key Management Website provides UIC’s public keys.

The URT working continues to meet every month and the next meetings in 2015 will be on 3 June in Stockholm and on 24 June in Bern. During these workshops, Linkon and CFF-SBB respectively will display their latest mobile rail ticketing solutions.

All UIC mobile ticketing experts are very welcome to participate. Please contact or Marc Guigon ( for more information.