Information published on 9 June 2015 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 452.

Meeting of the UIC Special Group SG ATTI to be held on 10 June 2015

  • Freight

The UIC Special Group SG ATTI (Agreement on Technical Transfer Inspection for freight wagon exchange) will meet at UIC Paris Headquarters on 10 June 2015.

ATTI, created following a decision by UIC’s General Assembly in December 2013, is open to any Railway Undertaking (RU), member or non-member of UIC, who wants to speed up the interchange of wagons.

The key issue in the transfer process of trains from one RU to another is given by the requested technical inspection which happens at any previously agreed station. The ATTI agreement simplifies this process and ends the inspection.
The real challenge remaining is to apply the required safety measures with the implementation of rules issued in appendix 9 of the GCU (General Contract of Use).

The members have been developing specific handbooks since last year. The General Assembly 2015 will be asked to validate the first step to run a Quality Assurance System QAS.

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