Information published on 15 September 2015 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 464.

Germany: DB diffuses brochure “DB Technology Strategy”

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Deutsche Bahn devised the DB2020 Group Strategy to achieve sustainable strategic development that resolves potential conflicts among economic, environmental and social priorities.

DB made a systematic inventory of the relevant trends and used them as a basis for developing the DB2020 Strategy. As far as the technical system is concerned, it is facing substantial challenges as a result of:

  • Increasing customer requirements for simplification, individuality, comfort and convenience and timeliness
  • Integrating rail systems in Europe and neighbouring regions
  • Including different modes in mobility and logistics chains
  • Increasing digitalisation, which presents a new dimension of challenges for the transport sector in particular

The DB2020 Group Strategy serves as the framework for the Technology Strategy.
The following trends have a major impact on rail technology: Digitalisation, Globalisation, Networked transport services, Smart simplicity, Transport innovation.

The newly published brochure “DB Technology Strategy” can be downloaded at