Tuesday 29 September 2015
UIC Europe

European Management Committee meets in Oslo

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The European Management Committee of UIC was held in Oslo on 23 September at the warm invitation of our Norwegian members and colleagues JVB and NSB.

Among the various issues addressed during the meeting, particular mention should be made of the renewal of the committee’s governance. From 1 January 2016 the Board will be composed of the following:

Chairman: Mr Elia FSI
3 Vice-Chairmen (including the CER and EIM Chairman): Mr Guillelmon BLS, Mr Kern ÖBB Chairman CER, N/A and EIM Chairman
6 members holding dual CER/UIC membership: Mr Cobbe ATOC, Mr Grube DB, Mr Pepy SNCF, Mr Queiro CP, Mr Costescu CFR, Ms David MAV (ratified by the CER GA on 24 September 2015)
3 members holding dual EIM/UIC membership: Mr Cardoso dos Reis IP, Mr Nicolas Puiggari ADIF, Mr Andrew Doherty, Network Rail (to be ratified by EIM GA)
1 member representing the group of non-CER/EIM members: Mr Belozerov, RZD
1 member being the 4th European member of the Executive Board representing Central and Eastern Europe: Mr Karnowski PKP

In addition, a very relevant discussion was held on the aspects of security, for which UIC and its special COLPOFER group gave a presentation and concrete proposals which were accepted by our members.

A discussion was also held on the work related to the subject of standardisation, which UIC is pursuing – at the request of its members – notably by updating the Rail Standardisation Strategy for Europe (RSSE) and its technical application the Rail Technical Strategy for Europe (RTSE), whose latest versions are scheduled to be launched at the beginning of 2016.

An update was also provided with regard to the launch of the new Digital Platform and in particular the questionnaire addressed to all the members to better understand their priorities in this area of information technology, and to inform them of the First Digital Conference to be held in Paris just after the European Regional Assembly on 30 November 2015.

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