Information published on 20 October 2015 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 469.

TAG, REG and TAP-MD working group meetings held in Paris

12 – 15 October 2015, Paris

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From 12 – 15 October the meetings of TAG, REG and TAP-MD working groups – part of the Commercial and Distribution Forum Technical Group – were held in Paris, at UIC headquarters.

The meetings started with the Ticketing Action Group, chaired by David Sarfatti. They discussed the updating of Leaflet 918/2. ERA gave a presentation about their new technical documents and CIT delivered a presentation about their new manual. The URT opt-in projects were the subject of debate and explanation.

The new structure of the TAG was also explained. The work has been split into two sub-groups TSG (Ticketing Security Group), chaired by Mr Kurt de Vriendt and TLG (Ticketing Layout Group), chaired by David Sarfatti. It was agreed that both groups will meet between the sessions of the TAP groups to achieve new specifications: the new flexible barcode and a new ticket layout on screen.

Then it was time for the meeting of the Reservation Expert Group (REG), chaired by the president, Jan Klaumuenzner. There were several subjects of discussion such as the updates in the reservation systems, news from some of the companies (MAV- Start, ELIPSOS) and the new steps in the “Graphical booking” amongst others.

Finally, the TAP-MD meeting took place, chaired by Clemens Gantert. Also in this case there were many different topics on the agenda: presentation of the PRISM project by Chris Queree, discussion about the new plans for the ticket id at ÖBB and a presentation by Hitrail concerning the HEROS pricing model.

The dates for TAG, REG and TAP-MD meetings in 2016 were also decided: from 15 – 18 February, from 23 – 26 May and from 10 – 13 October. All the meetings will take place at UIC headquarters.

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