Tuesday 3 November 2015
Sustainable Development

UIC signs MoU with UNFCCC and UNEP within the frame of COP21

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UIC and UN entities such as UNFCCC or UNEP have fostered several ties of cooperation over many years and they have demonstrated their capacity to act together on topics that deserve greater understanding at international level.
The issue of climate change is one of these topics.

As part of the COP21 campaign, UIC has signed two Memoranda of Understanding.in partnership with UNFCCC and UNEP, who already took the “Train to Copenhagen” in the frame of COP15 in 2009.

The purposes of the MoU with UNEP is to work together in the promotion of sustainable and low carbon transportation as a part of the solution to both climate change mitigation and adaptation, in support of the goals of COP21.
With UNFCCC the scope is also to cooperate in the frame of “Train to Paris” and to support the Climate Neutral Now Initiative through raising awareness about carbon offsetting in order to reduce carbon emissions and move towards climate neutrality. This is why the “Train to Paris” campaign is supporting the Climate Neutral Now initiative: www.climateneutralnow.org

Train to Paris website: http://traintoparis.org/
Twitter: @trainCOP21
Instagram: @traintocop21
Facebook: Train to Paris

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