Information published on 7 January 2016 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 479.

Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Executive Vice President of Colas Rail, has been appointed President of EFRTC

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Established in 1997, the European Federation of Railway Trackworks Contractors (EFRTC) is an association of companies specialised in the construction, renewal and maintenance of railway track. EFRTC represents national federations and private companies within the European Union and the European Free trade area. It boasts some 100 members from 12 different countries, rallying the majority of rail companies that operate throughout Europe.

The federation’s main targets are:

  • promoting the opening of European markets in the railway sector to private enterprises
  • supporting and participating in innovation and improvement programmes to help boost the overall efficiency of the railway sector
  • harmonising rules and regulations applicable to construction and maintenance companies regarding cross-acceptance
  • expressing the viewpoint of its members with the European Commission, railway authorities and national/European professional institutions
  • promoting the advantages of all types of rail transport

After graduating from the Ensam engineering school in 1986, Jean-Pierre Bertrand began his career at Spie Batignolles in the Oil and Gas construction sector in Africa and the Near East. In 1992, he joined the Technip Group, then moved on to the Railway sector at Spie in 2005, as Vice President of Spie Rail, before being appointed President in 2006. When Colas acquired Spie Rail in 2007, he became Executive Vice President of Colas Rail when it was founded in 2008. He has represented Colas Rail at EFRTC since 2007.

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