Tuesday 12 January 2016
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Germany: Upgrade of 42 ICE-T high speed trains completed within schedule for the new timetable – trains now ready for operation on the new Erfurt – Leipzig/Halle high speed line

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Over the last two years Deutsche Bahn has upgraded 31 ICE-T 7-car high speed trains from the first series (class 411) and 11 ICE-T 5-car trains (class 415). The most recently upgraded ICE-T train left the workshop on 11 December. DB has invested a total of 30 million euros in the project. The work was carried out in DB’s rolling stock maintenance workshops in Nuremburg, while the engineering services were provided by DB Systemtechnik Gmbh.

Part of the upgrade included modernising the interior space: new contrasting carpets, floor markings to help visually-impaired passengers, replacing 12,000 old seats, as well as back, head and arm-rests, etc.

Among the technical operations, it is particularly worth mentioning trains being equipped with the European Train Control System (ETCS). As of the new timetable on 13 December, the ICE-T high speed trains were able to run on the Erfurt – Leipzig/Halle (Saale) high speed line and thus reduce the journey time on the ICE line between Frankfurt am Main and Dresden.
These ICE-T multiple units are affected mainly on the routes between Hamburg-Berlin-Munich and Dortmund-Passau-Vienna.

(Source: DB)

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