Tuesday 12 January 2016
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Kazakhstan: Khorgos-East Gate Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is an important part of the transport and logistics systems

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The main theme of the meeting between the multimodal company KTZ Express with a group of Kazakh media focused on the further development of the Khorgos-East Gate Special economic Zone (SEZ).

Vice President Yerzhan Zhakishev and Executive Director Sergey Anashkin reported on the priority activities of the SEZ, new logistics solutions in the reorientation of freight traffic using the infrastructure under construction in Kazakhstan.

The SEZ is one of the major facilities that JSC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy is implementing in accordance with the Nurly Zhol programme. In a competitive environment the activity of the SEZ will allow Kazakhstan to become more attractive in terms of the logistics business and the promotion of the country as the biggest international transport and logistics hub.

Today the SEZ is becoming a hub of transit opportunities for all participants in international trade. In the future there are plans to build an international distribution centre of goods for export to the markets of Russia, Europe, Central Asia, Turkey and the Gulf countries.

Khorgos-East Gate Special economic Zone (SEZ) gives a powerful impetus to the development of transit and transport potential of Kazakhstan and will fully contribute to the formation of the economic belt of the New Silk Road.

Mr Zhakishev and Mr Anashkin answered the journalists’ questions concerning traffic between Europe and China, the organisation of container trains and the participation of investors in the development of the SEZ.

(Source: KTZ)

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