Tuesday 12 January 2016
Rail System / Safety

UIC/EFRTC Workshop on “Safety protection on track during work” to take place from 18 – 19 February 2016 at UIC Headquarters in Paris

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The International Union of Railways (UIC) and the European Federation of Railways Trackworks Contractors (EFRTC) are jointly organising a workshop consisting of two half-days on the upcoming CEN standard EN 16704 “Railway applications – Track – Safety protection on the track during work”.

The workshop will provide unique and key information on the new CEN standard related to the safety of staff working on the tracks and give the opportunity to discuss best practices, innovative solutions and to exchange views on this topic at an international level.

Topics to be discussed:

  • “Railway risks and common principles for protection of fixed and mobile work sites”
  • “Common solutions and technology – Requirements for Track Warning Systems (TWS)”
  • Views on the Track Warning Systems in the future
  • “Common solutions and technology – Requirements for Barriers”
  • “Competences of personnel working on or near the railway track”

Followed by a round table on “More safety in practice”.

Speakers will come from rail companies and manufacturers that have been developing the standard within the CEN/TC 256 WG 39 Working Group and from UIC.

Simultaneous interpreting in French, English and German will be provided.


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For further information please contact Imrich Korpanec: SG-EFRTC@fntp.fr

Or Isabelle Fonverne: fonverne@uic.org

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