Tuesday 2 February 2016
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France: New appointments within SNCF’s Gares & Connexions division

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Under the impetus of its Managing Director Patrick Ropert, SNCF’s Gares & Connexions division continues to develop, in particular with the arrival of a new Director of Finance and Regulation

Marc Benaïm is appointed Director of Finance and Regulation

Marc Benaïm joined SNCF’s Gares & Connexions division on 4 January 2016 as Director of Finance and Regulation. He is a member of the division’s management board.

A graduate of France’s HEC business school, Marc Benaïm began his career in 1994 at the Arthur Andersen auditing and consulting firm in Paris. In 1998, he joined the Transalliance-Stockalliance transport and logistics group as Head of Management Planning and Control. From 2001, in his capacity as head of management control and procurement at the Via Location commercial vehicle rental firm, he contributed to the turnaround and development of the company in an LBO (Leveraged Buyout). In 2005 he then joined Geodis Group as Group Director of Management Control, before being promoted to the position of Finance Director South Europe & Africa of the Geodis Wilson Division (freight forwarding).

Since 2010, whilst working within the Rail and Multimodal Freight Transport division of SNCF Logistics, Marc Benaïm organised the main financial operations of the division’s subsidiaries, and over the last four years contributed to the recovery of Fret SNCF’s Sol & Rail division in his capacity as Director of Finance and Procurement.

Marc Benaïm will thus be in charge of a financial unit that aims to refocus on its core tasks (management control, accounts, investment) with two policy shifts: greater financial support for SNCF’s Gares & Connexions division (Arep, A2C and Itiremia), and management of regulatory aspects in conjunction with the regulatory body Arafer. Stéphane Mialot, Deputy Managing Director of Regulation since 14 September 2015, will thus report to him.

Antoine Nougarède is appointed Managing Director of A2C

Antoine Nougarède has become Managing Director of A2C (subsidiary of SNCF’s Gares & Connexions division) and a member of the division’s management board. He had held the position of Deputy Director of the subsidiary since March 2014.

As an agricultural engineer and a graduate of the School of Agricultural and Life Sciences of Toulouse, Antoine Nougarède specialises in commercial property in both France and abroad, and has seven years of experience in dealing with locally elected representatives.

Antoine Nougarède successively held the positions of Director of Operations at Espace Expansion (subsidiary of Unibail), Director of Large Projects and Managing Director of Apsys’ Warsaw branch, followed by Director of Commercial Property at Icade.

As Managing Director of A2C, Antoine Nougarède will be strongly committed to enhancing the use of space within railway stations by doubling the commercial fees paid by retailers, restaurants and the advertising business Média Transports.

(Source: SNCF Gares & Connexions)

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Marc Benaïm, new Director of Finance and Regulation within SNCF's Gares & Connexions division © SNCF Gares & Connexions
Antoine Nougarède, new Managing Director of A2C (subsidiary of SNCF’s Gares & Connexions division)