Tuesday 9 February 2016
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Australia: Tas Liberals show commitment to long term infrastructure planning

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The Tasmanian Government’s announcement to preserve the rail corridor between Hobart and Granton for light rail in the future is the sort of long term planning governments need, according to the Australasian Railway Association’s Chief Executive Officer, Danny Broad.

By preserving the rail corridor in Tasmania for when the light rail project is ready to come online, the state government is providing a clear vision for the future development of Tasmania; this direction will boost business confidence and help secure a pipeline of work.

The Australasian Railway Association has long called for effective, collaborative, long-term planning for transport infrastructure to allow for adequate work-force and project planning, and to spur productivity and economic growth. It is pleasing to see governments at all levels recognise the benefits light rail brings to our cities. Recent projects such as the light rail extension in Adelaide and the Gold Coast Light Rail have been very successful and popular,

said Mr Broad.

(Source: ARA)

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