Tuesday 23 February 2016
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Shift2Rail announces Carlo Borghini as Executive Director

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Shift2Rail announces Carlo Borghini as Executive Director

The European rail joint technology initiative Shift2Rail has announced Carlo Borghini as its new Executive Director. The appointment will take effect before summer of this year for an initial period of five years, following which the Governing Board may decide to extend the term of office for a further five years.

Rail operators gain membership to Shift2Rail

The Railway Operating Community (ROC) has been successful in gaining a number of membership positions within the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking. Notwithstanding the role of Network Rail and Trafikverket as Founder Members, DB has also been accepted as a member with Founder status and SNCF and the EUROC Consortium of 10 further companies accepted as Associate Members. All these S2R members have seats on the S2R Governing Board.
José Clemente (IP - Portugal) the Consortium Leader for EUROC said, “I am delighted that after something of an uphill struggle, EUROC has been accepted as a Shift2Rail member. On behalf of the EUROC Partners, I would like to thank the UIC team who have quietly and effectively worked to support our submission for membership. Now, the real work begins! It is a really exciting time for rail and it is excellent that the EUROC partners can play a central part in this innovative adventure.”

For further details please contact Simon Fletcher, Coordinator Europe, UIC: fletcher@uic.org or the EUROC team at euroc-coordination@uic.org

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