Tuesday 1 March 2016
Member visit to UIC HQ

Korean delegation visits UIC on 22 February 2016

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A Korean delegation was welcomed at UIC Headquarters on 22 February 2016.

The delegation was composed of:

  • Young-seok, Seo, General Manager, Management Research Department of Korail Research Institute
  • Lee, Sang-Jae, Senior Researcher, Management Research Department of Korail Research Institute
  • Kim, Jeong Ho, General Manager of Architecture and Equipment Department (Station Design)
  • Woo Jae, Shin, Deputy Manager of the Design Criteria Division (Standardisation of Stations)
  • Kong, Yoo-Joo, Director of Hyewonkaci Architects
  • Won, Ki-Jung, Department head of Hyewonkaci Architects
  • Lee, Jennifer Interpreter

UIC was represented by Marc Guigon, Senior Advisor for Passenger Transport and Jacques Colliard, Head of the Security Division.

The main topics discussed were as follows:

  • Intelligent video surveillance
  • What kind of security equipment is installed in European railway stations?
  • Calculation of station surface area
  • Design of the railway stations
  • How to improve security in small stations, or if the tracks are not dedicated to traffic?
  • Criteria of quality on stations
  • Complex role of stations: transport activity, commercial zones, public places
  • Security and attractiveness of the stations
  • Common work in progress between Station Manager Global Group (SMGG) and security

Korail is extremely interested in participating in SMGG to work on the issue of security of stations.

For further information please contact Marc Guigon: guigon@uic.org

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