Tuesday 15 March 2016
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Korea: KORAIL’s Support Project for Young Food Start-ups, ‘Station Young Chef’

The second food outlet, toast bakery Gookie Bbang, has opened at Cheongnyangri Station

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The second food outlet from a ‘Station Young Chef’ project has started business following the opening of Petibox, the first store to open at Deajeon Station last year.

‘Station Young Chef’ is a KORAIL open-competition business project to recognise talented young entrepreneurs and chefs, who are capable of offering inspirational foods to passengers, and provide an opportunity to initiate their own business in line with the government youth employment policy. The winning teams of the contest receive full financial support, including general expenses or costs from KORAIL.

Petibox, which opened at Daejeon Station last year, has constantly grown in momentum. It now has monthly sales of $ 12,562.

Gookie Bbang, a toast bakery of 33.3m2, opened at Cheongnyangri Station on 26 February. Its main menu is a round toast with chocolate jam and various types of fruits toppings such as bananas, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, taking into account customers’ healthy diet and convenience.

Gisan Seo (25), a young entrepreneur and college graduate from Gookie Bbang, revealed his strong ambition by saying “It is a dream come true to run my own store. I will do my best to make my store one of the renowned food outlets in the Republic of Korea.”

“KORAIL is fully committed to taking social responsibility for youth employment and job creation as a public enterprise. In this sense, we are supporting innovative and passionate young entrepreneurs to establish their own business,” said Yeon-hye Choi, CEO of KORAIL.

KORAIL is scheduled to launch the third food outlet at Yeongdeungpo Station in April.

(Source: KORAIL)

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KORAIL CEO Yeon-hye Choi, Station Master and the three young entrepreneurs pose for a picture holding Gookie Bbang’s foods (KORAIL CEO Yeon-hye Choi, third from left) © KORAIL