Tuesday 5 April 2016
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Japan: Advancement of the JR East Group’s inbound strategy

Working to improve infrastructure for accommodating inbound visitors using tablet devices to provide information and other initiatives

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East Japan Railway Company is working to improve its infrastructure for accommodating inbound visitors to ensure they are able to use the company’s services easily and with peace of mind. Tablet devices will be used to provide greater accessibility to information in other languages to improve notifications about emergencies or railway service interruptions. Additionally, free public Wi-Fi will be expanded to onboard the Narita Express as well as locations around Tokyo and at Shinkansen stations.

JR East has partnered with NTT DATA Corporation to develop a tourism information app as well as produce and post videos online about how to ride trains in Japan and use Suica E-money, among other topics, in order to expand the amount of information provided to inbound visitors.

The entire JR East Group will continue to work together to implement its inbound tourism strategy in order to meet the needs of the rapidly growing number inbound visitors traveling to Japan.

For further details about this strategy, please consult this link: http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/pdf/press_strategy_e.pdf

(Source: East Japan Railway Company)

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