Tuesday 19 April 2016
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BJTU, China: BJTU Held the International Symposium of the Future of Renewable Energy and A Forum Celebrating the 120th Anniversary of BJTU

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From 6 - 8 April 2016, Hanergy School of Renewable Energy (HASRE) held an International Symposium on the Future of Renewable Energy & a Forum celebrating the 120th Anniversary of Beijing Jiaotong University. Vice President Chen Feng attended and addressed the symposium, which was also attended by a total of 13 world-famous experts and scholars from 11 world-renowned universities and institutions. Taking as its theme the “Future of Renewable Energy”, the symposium focused on development trends in the renewable energy industry, helping promote the development of Electrical Engineering as a discipline as well as enhancing international exchange and cooperation in the area of renewable energy.

Before the symposium, President Ning Bin met with Philip Krein, Vassilios Agelidis, Chen-Ching Liu and Dae Mann Kim. He said BJTU would spare no efforts to build HASRE into an international demonstration school, and hoped that all the experts would offer suggestions on disciplinary development and faculty construction to promote the internationalisation of HASRE.

Chen Feng welcomed and expressed his gratitude to all the experts on behalf of BJTU. He pointed out that the symposium provided a platform for global experts to discuss and share their experience on renewable energy. It was a precious gift in celebration of the 120th anniversary of BJTU. He hoped that HASRE would take this as an opportunity to further promote the ongoing internationalisation of the university.

Prof. Jin Ho Kwak, Dean of the Hanergy School of Renewable Energy, briefly introduced current developments and future plans at the school, adding that all the experts and scholars were welcome to take an active role in the construction of HASRE.

During the symposium, 11 global experts and professors from such universities as UIUC, Washington State University, University of Manchester, University of New South Wales, Korea Institute for Advanced Study and POSTECH, as well as Prof. JIANG Jiuchun, Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering (BJTU), gave academic reports.
After the symposium, the experts also toured the new HASRE offices at the Science and Technology Building, and visited the National Active Power Distribution Grid Technology Research Centre and the university museum.
During the three-day symposium, HASRE principals and experts conducted in-depth academic exchange and development consultation, and successfully achieved their goals.

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