Information published on 19 April 2016 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 494.

Algerian and French railways cooperate on training and engineering

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Signed in Algiers, the SNTF-SNCF agreement on training forms part of a broader General Cooperation Protocol drawn up by the two railways in September 2015. SNCF will assist SNTF in modernising the latter’s training system.
A draft shareholders’ agreement setting up a joint venture between SYSTRA and SNTF has also been signed to build on the engineering part of the 2015 protocol.

Today in Algiers, SNCF Strategy & Finance Director Florence Parly and SNTF Chief Executive Yacine Bendjaballah signed a partnership agreement covering training activities. SYSTRA Vice-Chairman for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Nicolas Kaeser and Mr Bendjaballah also signed a draft shareholders’ agreement setting up a SYSTRA-SNTF joint venture.


As of this year, Algerian trainers will receive training at various SNCF training centres and other facilities across France, thus drawing on SNCF’s expertise in railway training.

Professional training programmes meeting SNTF’s needs have been identified in four major areas: train driving, infrastructure, operation and stations, and management. The aim is for the SNTF trainers to be able to teach courses themselves in at least one of these areas (e.g. train driving or infrastructure maintenance) from start of 2017.

The newly-minted trainers will then be mentored by a contact at SNCF throughout their first year of teaching.

In order to maintain professional standards and ensure quality in the longer term, SNTF has asked SNCF for assistance in overhauling its teaching apparatus (developing training programmes, writing curricula, and using innovative learning aids).

The partnership also comprises a number of other training-related aspects, one of which will see SNCF assess the training provided by SNTF to its staff.
On 10 September 2015 in Algiers, SNCF and SNTF signed a memorandum of understanding defining a general framework for cooperation and collaboration and providing for a partnership in the fields of training, railway engineering, passenger transport and freight transport/logistics.
Two parts of the partnership have been executed to date, in the shape of the agreement on training and the agreement setting up a SYSTRA-SNTF joint venture on railway system engineering.