Information published on 26 April 2016 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 495.

Finland: Finnish Transport Agency publishes first sustainability report

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Sustainability is an integral part of the Finnish Transport Agency’s activities and decision-making. Road to Sustainability, the agency’s first sustainability report, gathers all sustainability themes, objectives and actions in one place.

The purpose of the sustainability report is to describe the impacts of the Finnish Transport Agency’s activities in an open and transparent way. The sustainability report complies with the international GRI (G4) guidelines (Core level).

“The idea of sustainability reporting has arisen from the need for more information about the impacts of the Finnish Transport Agency’s activities. Work on sustainability has, however, not started from scratch. We wanted to gather all existing information in one easily-accessible place”, says Finnish Transport Agency Sustainability Expert Katri Uimaniemi.

Sustainability at the Finnish Transport Agency has been summed up in six themes, reflected throughout the agency’s strategy. The themes are: customer-orientation; contributing to and supporting societal change; sustainable mobility, transport and transport infrastructure management; responsible procurement and financial management; safety and personnel.

Sustainability work highlighted through practical examples

The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for maintaining well-functioning and safe roads, railways and waterways, and for the comprehensive development of the transport system according to customers’ needs. In its significant role as transport infrastructure asset manager, the Finnish Transport Agency’s decision-making and actions have widespread impacts on society and well-being, now and in the future.

“Since we are responsible for the Finnish transport system, the results of our actions are visible in citizens’ everyday lives. Sustainability and openness permeate all our activities and our statutory task. With this sustainability report we want to describe the impacts of our activities in a transparent way”, says Finnish Transport Agency Director-General Antti Vehviläinen.

The sustainability report describes the economic, social and environmental impacts of the Finnish Transport Agency’s activities. The report presents the sustainability themes addressed by the Finnish Transport Agency in the form of practical case studies.

(Source: FTA)