Tuesday 3 May 2016
UIC Europe

Presentation of European projects

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During a meeting dedicated to the presentation of future UIC projects, Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General of UIC, gave the following speech:

For the opening of this workshop dedicated to the presentations of future projects, I wish to thank all the members who are taking part, and for their appreciation of all our efforts to develop our services and all our deliverables – whether they be projects, International Railway Standards (IRS) studies or workshops.

All these actions are driven by the three main pillars of our strategy, professionalism, productivity and promotion – productivity of course within its limits as we realise that we cannot deliver more for less, but we are doing the best we can in this area.

Professionalism and promotion now fall within the Quality Management System (QMS) process, which is a collective approach with our members with a win-win objective. I am happy to say that the presentations that will be delivered today have actually been reviewed through the QMS process. You will receive 22 presentations from the Rail System, Passenger, Freight and Fundamental Values departments. These projects have been proposed by the experts of our members in these various forums and platforms, and the presentations will now be focusing on the business added-value of these project proposals and also how they will be projected in the three annual vision documents.

Thank you again for the higher level involvement of all members. We hope that the approval of these projects in the years to come will enable UIC to continue developing its unique expertise at the service of the railway operating community, through the work of the experts.

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