Tuesday 31 May 2016

TAP working group meetings held from 23 – 26 May 2016 in Paris

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TAP working group meetings took place in Paris at UIC headquarters. Representatives from RZD, VR, LINKON, SNCF, DB, HERMES, SBB, NMBS, ZSSK, TRENITALIA, CD, Rhätische Bahn, MAV and the CIT attended the meetings.

On the afternoon of 23 May TAP-TAG held its working group meeting, chaired by Mr David Sarfatti. The work of the TLG and the TSG were reported by their respective chairmen. They announced that new UIC Rail Ticket on Screen (RTS) and the new Aztec Barcode definitions should be finished this summer. Accordingly, some changes in the future structure of leaflets related to ticketing were approved. There was also time to have an update on the PRISM and UIC app projects. Mr Mariorenzi, on behalf of TRENITALIA presented their new RCT2 layouts.

Mr Jan Klaumuenzner chaired the 107th Reservations Group Meeting. The Graphical Seats Reservation project was discussed by participants, and was the exchange of messages among companies. New reservation systems and announcement from members in the field of exchange of reservation messages were also on the agenda.

The last meeting was the TAP Maintenance and Development working group. Mr Clemens Gantert chaired the meeting as president of the group. Given the importance of the exchange of personal data of passengers between companies due to the new circumstances regarding safety and security, it was agreed to create an ad hoc group of experts to deal with this issue. There was also an update of the meetings with ERA, a brief presentation by HITRAIL and a report from all the technical activities that affect the projects carried out by the Passengers Department of UIC, such as the PRM Assistance Booking Tool and the Public Key Management Website.

The next TAP meetings will take place in Paris, at UIC headquarters, from 10 – 14 October 2016.

For further information please contact Luis Casado Presa, Senior Advisor Passenger Department:


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