Information published on 2 August 2016 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 511.

Three IRS (International Railway Solution) published and several others to come

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As part of its standardisation activities, UIC as a global platform for technical expertise has already released three IRS (International Railway Solution) and 8 others are already approved and being published.

They can be ordered / downloaded via the UIC ETF e-shop:

Online IRS
IRS number IRS title IRS Development area
IRS 70001 Railway application - High speed - Dynamic integration tests and trial operation before revenue operation High Speed System
IRS 50561 Railway Application - Rolling Stock, Interconnecting gangway systems between vehicles Rolling Stock
IRS 70017 Railway Application - Fixed Installations - Evaluation of incidents on the railway energy system Energy Management
IRS already approved and currently being published
IRS number IRS title IRS Development area
IRS 50641 Railway Application - Rolling Stock - Conditions to be fulfilled by automatic vigilant devices used in international traffic Rolling Stock
IRS 50405 Railway Application - Rolling Stock - Specification "Diagnostic Data Transmission" from railway vehicles Rolling Stock
IRS 30100 RailTopoModel - Railway Infrastructuretopological Model Infrastructure
IRS 70014 Railway Application - Fixed Installations - Maintenance Guidelines for OCL Energy Management
IRS 70015 Railway Application - Fixed Installations - Diagnosis of OCL Conditions Energy Management
IRS 70016 Railway Application - Fixed Installations - Safety measures to adopt when working on or nearby OCL Energy Management
IRS 70018 Railway Application - Fixed Installations - Guidelines on OCL earthing systems for safety in tunnels Energy Management
IRS 70019 Railway Application - Fixed Installations - Overhead Contact Lines interoperability assessment Energy Management